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Spicy Food

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Chicken Dishes
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Non Vegetarian
Butter Chicken
Grilled chicken cooked in silky smooth tomato gravy

Chettinad Chicken
Chicken cooked in Tamil Nadu style (Southern India)




Chicken Karahi
Stir-fried w/ tomatoes, onions & spices



Chicken Jal Farezi
Cooked with ball pappers, onions, tomatoes, & spices




Chicken Tikka Masala
Boneless chicken tikka cooked in curry sauce



Chicken Tikka
Marinated boneless chicken cooked in Tandoor oven




Chicken Tandoori
Chicken w / bone marinated & roasted in clay oven


Chicken 65
Marinated boneless chicken deep fried, South Indian style



Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken & potato cooked in a spicy sauce




Chicken Palak
Chicken cooked in spinach gravy with spices



Tandoori Mix & Kebab
Platter with tandoori chicken & kebabs